Ethanol Premium quality for your brand IBC Container Always available in our warehouse.
Product will be delivered within 24 hours




Premium quality for your brand

Our Company Erak Trade ltd. offers premium quality ethanol made from corn grain. We stands out with available storage of ethanol at any time. Our warehouse is placed on Viline vode str. 47 in Belgrade, Serbia.

It is well-known that ethanol widely applies  in many industies. It is used in chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Therefore, our clients come from all these industries, and their famous brands prove their success. That is why we proudly cooperate with every our client in order to follow him on his road to success and contribute their businesses with quality raw materials.

Our Company delivers products in tanks to the client’s adresses with storage capacities for the whole tank. We also have special offer for delivery in IBC containers within 24 hours to our clients.

 Please notice that we will leave you the full container and take the empty one (exchange containers ).

Our online servis for orders is available 24/7. Also you can order product in IBC containers quick and simple over our website.

For orders  by 2 p.m. we deliver by 10 a.m. next day.

For orders by  2 p.m. we deliver on the second working day after the order.

We transport IBC containers with our own trucks equipped with automatical unloading ramps and also manual pallet trucks. It means that IBC container with ethanol comes directly to the door of every buyer. Your task will be just to open the door for us!

In order to deliver to you premium quality ethanol which we offer on Serbian market, we pay special attention to the disinfection of IBC container for further transportation and storage of ethanol.    Cleaning takes place with the latest kerscher machines that create hot water, with additional antiseptic preparations and with the use of so-called. roto head for washing the inside of the container. With this we can achieve absolute cleanliness of the container. This cleaning process repeats after each delivery.  The premium quality of Erak Trade ethyl alcohol is confirmed by the official certificate, but also by daily analyzes, because a sample is taken from each tank and sent to the Vrsac Oenological Station, which is state-owned and recognized by the Serbian legislation as authoritative.

Just contact us and order the goods. The rest is our concern and pleasure!

Our team

Dušan Eraković

Dušan Eraković

CEO and Owner Economist M.d.
Jelena Eraković

Jelena Eraković

Financial Director Economist M.d.
Bojana Eraković

Bojana Eraković

Commercial Director Economist M.d.

IBC Container Always available in our warehouse.
Product will be delivered within 24 hours