CAS.No. 123-86-4

Butyl acetate (C6H12O2) is an organic compound that has a very wide application as an industrial solvent. It is a colorless and flammable liquid at room temperature. It can be mixed with common organic solvents such as alcohols, ketols, esters, glycols. The main process for the production of butyl acetate involves the esterification of butanol and acetic acid in the presence of a catalyst such as sulfuric acid. It is most often used as a solvent in the production of varnishes, inks, adhesives and coatings. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to purify penicillin. Other uses include cosmetics and personal care products, and it is also used as a perfume solvent for perfumes. Butyl acetate is also used in construction, the automotive industry for car cleaning and care products, printing inks, etc. It naturally can be found in many types of fruit, where it gives characteristic aromas and has a sweet smell like banana or apple. It is used as an artificial flavor in foods, such as candy, ice cream, pastries and cheeses.